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Traversing through Belgium and Holland, Shri Nathji made his way back to England. The customs authorities spared no one–not even God. As they checked everyone’s belongings, Shri Nathji’s old watch was carefully examined. He had purchased it in India years ago, when Swiss watches were freely available there. The customs men had wrongly assumed it had been purchased in Switzerland. You can charge whatever duty you like, Shri Nathji said to them. They realised their mistake and apologised.
Thus it was that Shri Nathji and Mateshwari toured the continent of Europe in the brief period of ten days, with Pran Nath behind the wheel. Perhaps the people of Europe were not yet prepared for the avatar, which was why Shri Nathji did not reveal himself to them.

Vo shaahe husn bhee shaayad inhee raahon se guzaraa hai,
Thhaihar jaao main do sajde yahaan kar loon vahaan karloon

The Prince of Glory has passed along these very paths,
Wait awhile, let me bow my head, a little here, and a little there!