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As Shri Nathji came to France, he blessed the city of Paris from the Eiffel Tower. Pran Nath and Mateshwari were with him. High up in the Tower stood the Creator of the world casting his hands outwards at the continent of Europe and all its citizens, blessing them in an unseen, inconspicuous gesture.
Shri Nathji also visited Napoleon’s Tomb and stood in silence for a brief moment. Perhaps it was to grant salvation to that tormented soul that Shri Nathji had set foot in Paris.
Shri Nathji often said:
Napoleon thought nothing was impossible for him but he met with the impossible in life, for he relied upon his own strength. Nothing is impossible for the lovers of God alone!
Shri Nathji was very fond of listening to the biography of Napoleon, which Priya Nath used to read to him frequently in Mussoorie. He admired the Emperor’s courage on his return from the exile at Elba. Shri Nathji would be greatly overwhelmed whenever he would recall Napoleon’s confrontation with his own troops who were then under a new emperor, but who turned loyal to him again.
Tales of loyalty would move Shri Nathji. He often told the story of Panna Dai who replaced her mistress’ son with her own, when enemy troops entered the palace to kill the young prince. Panna Dai was the maid-servant, and her son died in place of the prince. It was a historical occurrence that Shri Nathji recounted frequently as an example of loyalty.
Napoleon’s march to Moscow and Tolstoy’s War and Peace had always held a great interest for Shri Nathji. France had a large place in his heart.