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The beautiful countryside that God had created, whizzed past him as he raced through it in car. Shri Nathji looked at the beautiful black forest of Germany, and the verse echoed in his mind:

Havaa maseeh nafas gasht va baad naafaa kushaa
Darakht sabz shudo murg dar kharosh aamad

The air is now invigorating and the breeze scatters scent,
The trees are turning green and the birds are singing

It had been a long time since the Creator had visited the world he had created. Shri Nathji looked at the scene with satisfaction, like an artist looking upon his painting.
Shri Nathji would ever afterwards say:
The natural beauty of these regions shows the great interest the Creator took in creating them! It is as if He had carved them with His own hand!
In Germany, Shri Nathji’s car was seen passing through the streets with tremendous speed. A loud, explosive sound accompanied the car, causing people to turn and stare. Little did they know that the small Anglia car with the broken silencer pipe carried God within it.
Shri Nathji spoke about the noise to Pran Nath who was driving the car. There was nothing they could do until they came to a garage. Pran Nath laughed:
Let the Germans bear the noise for a while. After all, they bombed the whole of Europe during the war!
The trip was a race against time. It was bed and breakfast all the way, a swift passage through a city, a night’s stay at a hotel, and back to the roads again.
Priesto! Priesto! said a restaurant owner as he attended to Shri Nathji’s table. Many thought the sherwaani was the robe of an Indian Catholic priest.