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The summer of 1965 revealed a strange sight. God–travelling at high speed in a small Anglia Ford car, along the Autobahn highway of Europe. Pran Nath was behind the wheel; Shri Nathji and Mateshwari sat in the back seat.
Shri Nathji had crossed the English Channel in a large ship that carried Pran Nath’s car. The Port of Dover witnessed God preparing to cross the English Channel. Crossing the channel was a very special feat for man, and the channel became a very special one when God crossed it in a ship. The ship took him from England to Europe.
Shri Nathji was the pilot of another ship–one that carried people across the Ocean of Life and Death. The ship that carried him across the English Channel left a debt on him–the debt to carry the British Nation across the Infinite Ocean of Existence. It was a debt Shri Nathji would have to pay. It was like Kewat in the Ramayana, taking Lord Rama across the waters, in return for which Lord Rama took him across the waters of the bhavasaagar.
Here was the continent of Europe on which the Second World War had waged, the pain and suffering of which Shri Nathji had taken upon himself in the 1940’s. Here was the land of Hitler and Napoleon, latter day Alexanders who had gone away from the world empty-handed.
Shri Nathji’s tour of France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland was swift and dramatic. He did not halt in the way to meet anyone. He had no schedules for lectures. He drove through the land, bestowing his blessings upon it.
To be inconspicuous, he travelled without his turban, in a royal blue shervaani and white chooridars. No European could have imagined Shri Nathji was God in human form. Shri Nathji did not grant them the insight. The concept of the avatar was peculiar to India only. For the western nations, God was ever to remain invisible. And Shri Nathji enjoyed the anonymity. He could travel freely without being recognised.