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In Switzerland, Shri Nathji went to the top of a mountain in a trolley. From there he blessed the beautiful country. Shri Nathji was fascinated by the mountains of the Alps, the pine trees and the receding snows. The scene reminded him of his beloved Mussoorie in the Himalayas.
At Zurich, Shri Nathji visited the University of Zurich in which Priya Nath had received admission with a scholarship many years earlier. At the University, Shri Nathji met some professors who gave him a tour of the entire University area.
Here was Shri Nathji, touring continents and countries without any motivation. It was in sharp contrast to the tours of yogis and swamis who sought to propagate their mission abroad.
Shri Nathji carried no pamphlets or proselytising literature with him nor did he tell anyone who he was. Indeed, he never spoke about himself and was content to be taken for a tourist. He was only anxious to rediscover as much of his world as he could.