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In Bonn, there were some problems about endorsements in the passport, and Pran Nath drove around searching for the Indian Embassy.
Shri Nathji got out of the car at one point, and went up to a stranger near a large government building. The man gave him directions to the best of his ability, and then brought his car and drove ahead of Shri Nathji’s car, leading Shri Nathji to his destination.
Shri Nathji thanked the man profusely and asked for his name. The man was a leading public figure of Germany.
Forget me, Sir, he said humbly to Shri Nathji.
How can I forget you? Shri Nathji said, In order to forget you, I will have to remember you, and if I remember you, how can I forget you?
The man was greatly pleased by Shri Nathji’s logic and parted from him, a strange spiritual glow upon his face. Perhaps it was for that one man that Shri Nathji had gone to the city of Bonn. Unknown even to him, Shri Nathji had touched a divine spark in the man’s soul, which would shine with brilliance at some time in the man’s life.
The manner in which Shri Nathji had found a guide was amply illustrated in his verse:

Gumrahi khud manzile maksood ki hai raihnumaa
Khizr mil jaate hain jinko raastaa miltaa naheen

Losing the way is in itself a means to reaching the goal,
For a Guide comes to those who cannot find the way!