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After Shri Nathji had returned to Cambridge, Massachusetts, he was invited to the house of a certain Arthur Seelye, a man who lived in a farm about forty miles from Boston.
The man had a mystic circle of his own that dabbled in strange spiritual messages from outer space, some even said to be from flying saucers.
He was instantly attracted to Shri Nathji the moment he heard of him, and invited him to his farm.
Shri Nathji embraced him with love when they met.
His sermon in Arthur Seelye’s beautiful farm-house was electrifying. The small group assembled there was transported to another plane. The divine aura around Shri Nathji was radiating with full force. Everyone present felt the presence of the divine.
Shri Nathji excelled himself in English on that day. His words were sheer poetry. Each word carried an infinite amount of meditation to the listeners’ hearts. For the first time in their lives the people assembled there were experiencing the living presence of God. The voice of Shri Nathji echoed from every particle of the Universe. Here were receptive hearts and deserving souls.