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There was a certain Dr. Krall, a specialist of diabetes in Wellesley, Massachusetts, who had played host to Priya Nath during his sojourn at Harvard.
When Priya Nath told him about Shri Nathji he was very keen to meet him and invited him to his home for dinner. He fell in love with Shri Nathji at first sight.
Something within me tells me that I have known you since ages, he said to Shri Nathji. It was the voice of the individual soul addressing the Universal Soul.
His aged father wished to become a disciple of Shri Nathji and follow him around the world. Shri Nathji merely smiled at the request. It was not his method to make disciples.
Dr. Winick, who never missed a moment of humour, said jokingly: If there’s a world tour involved, then I would like to become a disciple, too!