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Dr. Phillip Frank, a friend of the famous Einstein, was to experience this relativity of time in Shri Nathji’s presence.
He and his wife were friends of Priya Nath at Harvard. His wife was a member of the Theosophical Society in Boston, but Dr. Frank had always preferred to stay away from all pursuits of a spiritual nature.
Both, husband and wife, were greatly touched to the core by Shri Nathji’s personality, and visited him several times. Mrs. Frank would say: There is something about him that floods my soul with indescribable happiness!
Once, when Shri Nathji was at their home and speaking to the couple, Mrs. Frank was suddenly seized by uncontrollable waves of happiness. It reached a point where the old lady lost control over her body consciousness. Dr. Frank thought she had fallen ill. Shri Nathji blessed the couple and left. The spiritual effulgence had become more than they could bear.