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A special friend of Priya Nath, who established a lasting relationship with Shri Nathji, was Dr. Sudarshan Nagpaul, a mathematician at Harvard.
He came to Shri Nathji several times at 15, Lowell Street, Cambridge. He would sit silently before Shri Nathji absorbing every word that he said, without asking a question or making any comments. He formed so deep a relationship with him that he even went to see him at London in 1967 and offered to accompany Mateshwari to India if necessary.
In later years, he was to become a very close friend of Priya Nath and also remain intensely devoted to Shri Nathji. It was strange that whenever Shri Nathji thought of him, he appeared on that very day for his darshan and blessings.