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At the Rosborough’s house, Shri Nathji met an American of Italian origin, John Firenzie, who was a Catholic by faith.
Every morning I offer flowers to your photograph, he said to Shri Nathji, Before I met you, I was a searching soul. I went everywhere. I put my plug here and I put it there, but I received nothing. And then you came to me. I put my plug in, and a connection was established. I received light. My mind has become at peace ever since I met you!
John Firenzie would say loudly to people: He is the Second Christ. In the past he was single, and in this age, he has come as a married man!
He would say to people who wanted to know what spiritual discipline they should follow:
You have to do nothing! Just take Shri Nathji’s name, think of him, pray to him, and help will come to you! That is all! The mere thought of him will give you Peace of Mind!
Shri Nathji is like a hollow shell in which God makes His appearance, John Firenzie would say, He is an instrument of God!
Truth takes time to flourish. Shri Nathji is Truth personified. One day the whole world will come to know of him. Today he has hidden himself like the seed that goes into the ground!
He would often urge Shri Nathji to accompany him to Italy to meet the Pope, who, he was convinced, would recognise Shri Nathji’s divinity.
It was not uncommon to see Firenzie engaged in active conversation and argumentation with people:
How do you know he is not the Second Christ? he would say time and again, maybe he is the Second Christ!