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On the evening of the 23rd of June 1964 at 6:30 p.m. Shri Nathji’s birthday was celebrated at Phillips Brooks Hall at Harvard University by Priya Nath.
The University authorities had been good enough to loan the use of the hall, free of rent, to Priya Nath. There was Shri Nathji’s enlightening sermon, after which the birthday cake was cut, and Priya Nath played “Happy Birthday to You” on the piano. Those present in the hall joined him and sang the birthday song for Shri Nathji.
It was an entirely new manner of celebrating Shri Nathji’s Birthday, and the first time anyone had played “Happy Birthday to You” for him. Amongst those present was Dr. Herman Winick who later gave in his name as the first member of the Divine Love Society that Priya Nath proposed. Albeit, it was a very successful birthday celebration that contained the touch of the Phillips Brooks Hall of Harvard University.
Invitation cards had been sent out by Priya Nath to people in various parts of India. This was one day when Shri Nathji’s past would come alive again. Names like Bhutt and Chopra, Sohni, Purekar, Narsikar, and numerous others in distant places like Akola and Nagpur came alive as cards bearing these names reached out across the oceans, across thousands of miles to India.
Shri Nathji never forgets me on any of his birthdays, Chaudhari Hyder Husein of Dilaram Estate wrote from India to Priya Nath.
Telegrams and letters of congratulation poured in, in large numbers.