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It was when Priya Nath was alone in America that he began to experience the nearness and the comforting and protecting hand of Shri Nathji reach out to him from a distance in an invisible way.
On the very first day when he had landed in America he had been pleasantly surprised to find old students of Allahabad University at the airport to receive him.
Later, as he joined the Boston Area International Students Seminar, BIASS, he found Shri Nathji’s hand in everything that came his way. The Director of the seminar, Professor Beal, was inexplicably drawn towards him; Priya Nath found a roommate, Jose Garcia of Peru, who became like an elder brother to him; there was the Boston Symphony Orchestra entertaining him, and a host of cheerful people and events that were trying to bring happiness and cheer into his life.
The Chairman of the Physics Department at Harvard University, Dr. Preston, bore a striking resemblance to Shri Nathji without his turban, and was affectionately disposed towards Priya Nath. He would stand up and offer a chair to him, each time that Priya Nath visited him at his office; and he was most anxious about Priya Nath’s welfare.