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While Priya Nath was in America he had become very popular for the music that he played on his electric guitar. He had purchased the guitar before he left India. It had been his hobby since many years. He would play the popular film songs of the time for Mateshwari when he was in India.
In America he was received by thunderous applause and standing ovations whenever he played before large audiences and packed halls. His sense of humour lent an atmosphere of comedy to these musical concerts, which was greatly appreciated by American audiences.  Had Priya Nath not been studying nuclear physics he could have become a highly paid spontaneous entertainer in America earning in the millions. But he chose to study in peace and quiet, and to follow the path of Shri Nathji.
The music that Priya Nath played was really his own and did not adhere to any discipline. He called it impressionistic music. He had become very popular in the Boston area. There was a time when he was playing at Harvard when a student burst out: “Priya, that music is God!”
Indeed there was something divine in the notes of Priya Nath’s music as if Shri Nathji were playing the melodies. Shri Nathji had written in his book, Daivi Kirne, years ago in 1959:
“It is you in whom this wondrous music lies. Someone was needed to bring to an end your silence, and to bring out from within you that music which lay concealed; and to recreate it before you, even as the wind reveals to the ocean its own form as the waves, and the reflection of a mirror reveals to the viewer his own face.”
In the years to come, Shri Nathji would often speak about this unique ability of Priya Nath to entertain the Americans with his guitar and his humour.