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Harry Zeltzer had gone sailing in his boat off the coast of Massachusetts. The weather was particularly bad that day, and very shortly, it developed into a raging storm.
Harry was all alone in the boat. He was a master at the art of sailing, but the storm was much more than either he or the boat could cope with. His fate seemed to stare him in the face–death, in the dark raging waters of the ocean.
It was a situation that would have un-nerved the strongest of men.
Suddenly, Harry felt the presence of Shri Nathji over the waters of the ocean. Shri Nathji was smiling. All fear and anxiety vanished from his mind. It was a strange thing–a man surrounded by death, unafraid and calm.
It was all due to your presence with me, he wrote to Shri Nathji.
A new world of spirituality opened up for Harry Zeltzer. Agnosticism gave way to a belief in God.