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Dr. Zeltzer always kept the magnificent throne-like chair, on which Shri Nathji had sat at his home, with great reverence. Dr. Zeltzer seldom used the chair for casual guests and visitors.
Once he threw a party at his house and invited a large number of his friends. Priya Nath consented to play Indian music on his guitar.
At the Zeltzer’s house that evening, as Priya Nath was playing the guitar, a very strange thing happened. Mrs. Zeltzer suddenly fell down from her chair, in an apparent swoon.
As anxious friends gathered around her, she soon got up, and said it was nothing.
Later, when everyone had left, she said to Priya Nath:
When you were playing the music, I happened to glance at that empty chair your father had sat upon when he was here. To my great surprise, I saw him very vividly, sitting in the chair!
“I cannot describe the state of divine bliss that filled me at the time. I went into a deep meditation, and lost consciousness of my body!
Shri Nathji was in London at that time.
Dr. Zeltzer would write of these experiences to Shri Nathji and Shri Nathji would type out long letters in reply.
Did your father type all these sheets himself? Dr. Zeltzer would ask Priya Nath.
Yes, he always types letters to special friends with his own hands, said Priya Nath.
It is beautifully typed, said Dr. Harry Zeltzer, it is a measure of his greatness and humility, both, that he takes so much time and effort to reply to letters from all over the world.
Dr. Zeltzer was further surprised when Priya Nath told him that Shri Nathji typed only with one hand and one finger! It was a painstaking process that took Shri Nathji hours. Shri Nathji had never taken any formal lessons in typing, and his right arm was of no practical use in typing, so he typed only the way God could have done!
The fact that Shri Nathji would undertake such labour to communicate with the humanity around him indicated the infinite respect with which he treated everyone.
I see God in one and all, he would often say.
Harry Zeltzer sought Shri Nathji’s permission and printed the letters for circulation amongst his friends.
The relationship lasted over many years–over long periods of silence.
Dr. Harry Zeltzer wrote to Priya Nath:
“The spiritual experiences I have accumulated over the years, and the nearness I have felt of His Holiness, can hardly be related in words. Even if we were not to communicate by letter for years the memories of His Holiness would still be as fresh in my mind as if he were here yesterday.
“It is as if a part of me has become peaceful, as if His Holiness is always with me, and I can feel his Love Divine.”
New spiritual inspirations took the shape of new discoveries in Dr. Zeltzer’s professional career. He invented a special lens for colour blindness, the very invention of which was a marvel.
Here were Shri Nathji’s words coming true:
“When a man turns to God, worldly success follows him; new inspirations, new ideas fall along his path.”
For Dr. Zeltzer, Shri Nathji was the only religion he ever knew.
When in 1974 Shri Nathji developed cataract in his eyes in India and these had to be operated upon, Dr. Zeltzer made arrangements in an American hospital, but added: It would be better if His Holiness were operated upon nearer home, so that he could be in the midst of familiar surroundings.
Shri Nathji, who had lost sight in both eyes by that time, had a letter sent to Harry:
When one is in total darkness, all surroundings are equally familiar. Darkness knows of no national boundaries.
Shri Nathji recovered his sight in India ultimately, and the first letter he wrote was to Dr. Zeltzer who had been so concerned about his eyes. Blessings was the one word Shri Nathji wrote.
I am overwhelmed, Dr. Zeltzer wrote back, that he should have written to me immediately after the eye operation. I shall use the blessings in many spheres.”