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Priya Nath was teaching at the Harvard Summer School during the months of July and August 1964. By September 1964, the Ph.D classes would begin for him and he would have to shift to the dormitory at the University. He was living in the rented flat only because Shri Nathji was visiting him in America during June and July 1964.
While Priya Nath had to go to the University daily, Shri Nathji would remain behind in the flat and pass time as best as he could.
Every morning Shri Nathji would get up and embrace Priya Nath before he left to teach at Harvard. Priya Nath on his part would frequently phone from the University during the day to find out how Shri Nathji was.
Shri Nathji would stand at his window in the flat and watch with childish fascination and interest, large wooden houses being moved on wheels. He would watch as a man in the street climbed up on a long ladder, cutting the leaves, and trimming the branches of trees. He would later recall how the streets were littered with paper during the evenings and swept amazingly clean in the mornings.
His food consisted of Syrian bread and vegetable soups and cottage cheese, which caused him to regain the weight he had lost.
He would recall later how Priya Nath would telephone the Supermarket from Harvard and have the foodstuff delivered to Lowell Street.
During the time that Priya Nath was away teaching at Harvard, Shri Nathji would busy himself in the house, washing the dishes. Priya Nath would protest whenever he caught Shri Nathji washing the dishes in the house, or making an attempt at cooking.
The apartment at 15, Lowell Street consisted of a large room, which had been partitioned by a curtain into a bedroom and a sitting room. The adjoining kitchen and bathroom were large and comfortable.
Shri Nathji enjoyed soaking himself in the hot water of the bath-tub for long periods of time and would ever afterwards recall the material comforts of the small flat which Priya Nath had rented for his sake.
There were times when Shri Nathji would steal out of the house to peruse through the ball-point pens in a small drug store, or else sit all alone by himself on a bench in a garden.
Those who saw him, or sat near him, felt a sense of peace, and an inner attraction, a Love Divine that filled their beings without a word being spoken. And it was thus that Shri Nathji passed his time in seclusion from the seething humanity around him.
Shri Nathji was to say later of Americans:
Unlike in India, people in America never came to me to ask for health, wealth or prosperity–all they wanted was Peace of Mind! A nation like America was a living example of the fact that Peace of Mind lay not in the midst of material advancements.