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Immediately thereafter Shri Nathji and Priya Nath drove down to Boston to the WNAC Radio Station on the morning of June 23, 1964.
Priya Nath had informed the Radio Station about Shri Nathji’s visit to America and they had invited him to give a broadcast to the nation on the 23rd of June itself.
Shri Nathji broadcast to America over WNAC Radio in Boston. He appeared as a guest on the Gus Saunders’ programme. Shri Nathji arrived at the radio station in a spotlessly white shervaani and an orange turban. Lois Morgan, who was also managing the programme, exclaimed:
Oh, I am absolutely intrigued at your white robe! How do you manage to keep it so clean!
There were the usual questions:
What brought you to the United States?
I came to visit my son who is a student at Harvard, said Shri Nathji.
You ought to be proud of your son, said Gus Saunders, and then said to Priya Nath, You ought to be proud of your father!
Priya Nath had earlier played Indian music on his guitar over the radio and had come to know Gus Saunders and Lois Morgan.
Is it true that New Delhi is a very dirty city? the radio interviewer had asked Priya Nath at that time, and he had replied jokingly, I thought Boston was very dirty!
What impressed the interviewers about Shri Nathji was the manner of his visit. A father had come to visit his son. It was very different from the globe-trotting visits of other spiritualists who came to America as sponsored guests of organisations and groups.
Shri Nathji expressed his great appreciation for the hospitality that the people of America had shown him, and spoke about his own mission in life. When he called himself Ghulam Rue’ Zameen and explained what it meant, the interviewers marvelled at his humility.
Many listeners in various parts of the country heard Shri Nathji speak. For them, it was a passing phase of the radio programme. Little did they know they had been listening to the Voice of God.
After returning from the radio station, even as Shri Nathji stood with flowers in his hands outside his residence, there were some people who came before him and exclaimed: Oh, we submit!
It was indeed a miracle that Shri Nathji was being accorded the highest respect and recognition, despite being unknown in America, and without the use of any influence.