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That night Harry and Lois had a strange experience. They could swear they heard Shri Nathji calling out to them. It was his voice and his accent. Harry! went the voice, Lois!
Shri Nathji was miles away in his home at Lowell Street, Cambridge, while the Zeltzers were at 9, Rumford Road, in Lexington, Massachusetts.
Nawab Istafa Khan had had this unusual experience in Mussoorie in the early 1930’s, when he had heard Shri Nathji calling out to him in the middle of the night: Istafa! Istafa!
The voice was not from the ordinary plane. It was the voice of the Universal Soul calling out to the individual soul. It was the voice of the Ocean calling out to the drop of water.
Shri Nathji had often said:
It is not only the drop of water that is made complete by its union with the ocean; the ocean, too, is made complete by this union. It was not only the drop of water that had waited over the millenniums for this union, the ocean, too, had been yearning for this moment!
The next day, Dr. Zeltzer came to see Shri Nathji at Lowell Street in Cambridge.  Shri Nathji spoke for five hours at a stretch–the longest he had ever spoken to anyone in America.
He was pouring his divine self into the innermost depths of Zeltzer’s being; he was filling a vacuum in Zeltzer’s life–a vacuum that had existed only for God.
Dr. Zeltzer’s heart and soul were drenched in this spiritual outpouring. All doubts had vanished from his mind. Before leaving Shri Nathji’s house, he said:
Your Holiness, I should be grateful if I can be granted some spiritual experience to make my faith firm.
Such an experience was to come only later, after Shri Nathji had left the United States.