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The pressure to return to London was always present. Mateshwari had never been too well in London. An old lady astrologer in Boston had made Shri Nathji’s horoscope. It was that of a Messiah.
She had also made the cryptic statement: Shri Nathji may lose his life companion.
Shri Nathji was present at a large astrologers’ meet in Boston. He was not one of the speakers, though he agreed to say a few words of congratulations from the speaker’s podium, at the last minute.
Said an American lady deeply impressed by Shri Nathji’s radiant personality and his divine words albeit very brief:
Those who should have been heard have not been given a chance to speak, whilst those who should not have been heard, talked to their heart’s fill!
When Shri Nathji said the brief congratulatory sentence, there was a powerful spiritual effulgence emanating from him. An American lady who had been sitting behind him in the hall, said to people:
Look at the powerful aura he has around himself. It is like a golden flame!
Shri Nathji had often said:

Har ke az dil khezad bar dil rezad

That which comes from the heart goes to the heart!

In the past, Shri Nathji had said:
Why do the speeches of many excellent speakers fail to make an impact? This is because they speak with their minds, not their hearts. Mere learning and erudition is not enough. The founders of many religions were illiterate. Today, the greatest intellectuals of the day bow before their words. This is because what came from these prophets and saints came from their hearts, not their brains. A brain that carries the heart with it is the best.
Indeed, that was the brain of Shri Nathji, which convinced the greatest intellectuals of the time and at the same time touched the innermost recesses of the heart.