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Shri Nathji gave a powerful talk at the Theosophical Society a few days later. The hall was packed to capacity. Dr. Phillip Frank and Mrs. Frank were also present.
The microphone in the hall was not properly adjusted, and, therefore, much of Shri Nathji’s words were lost. But the people inside sat in absolute silence, lost in a bliss of self-forgetfulness.
The radiance of Shri Nathji had spread to the faces of all his listeners. There was an ecstatic glow in the room. Words ceased to have any significance. A feeling of super-consciousness, of Divine Love, spread to everyone. The Theosophists did not know it, but they were face to face with God.
The President of the Theosophical Society, who had earlier invited Shri Nathji to her home, had not been kindly disposed towards Shri Nathji in the beginning and had said haughtily: So you think you have the truth! But after witnessing the scene at the lecture, her mind softened, and she repented. Shri Nathji was Truth itself.
He is a Maharaja as well as a holy man, said the lady who introduced him.
Shri Nathji obliged the Theosophists by translating their motto into Hindi and Urdu verse. It was a novel experience for everyone. The echo of the loudspeaker had prevented them from understanding even a word of Shri Nathji’s sermon–but the echo within their souls brought to them the voice of God. Everyone experienced the waves of the indescribable happiness that Mrs. Frank had described. It was divine ecstasy exhibiting itself.
Shri Nathji would often speak of the man in Bombay, a poet, Faani, who would come to him and say:
To come before you is to receive the intoxication of two bottles of wine!
This intoxication was exhibiting itself in America.