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Shri Nathji would sometimes spend time with the monks in a monastery by the side of Memorial Drive along the banks of the Charles River. They would gather around him and listen with great interest within the coolness of the walls of the monastery.
Whatever you say, said a monk, is exactly what we follow ourselves. Your principles and teachings are exactly like those in the Bible. You must make yourself known to the world!
Shri Nathji would be overjoyed whenever he met these monks. He even had lunch with them in their dining hall. He would say with genuine feeling:
Meeting these monks brings a coolness to my heart. This monastery is like an oasis in a desert!
There were times when Shri Nathji would forget his walking stick in the monastery, and some monk would come running after him along Memorial Drive, bringing the stick.
Shri Nathji always appeared to be leaving things behind – like sun-glasses, and walking sticks. This was done in accordance with some divine plan. It also allowed a greater degree of interaction on the human plane by giving people a chance to serve God.
Actually I have left myself behind in your hearts! He would say, when reminded of the things he had left behind.