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There was another time when Harry and Lois were holidaying in Puerto Rico. They attended the lecture of a well-known spiritual preceptor of the area. The man came to Harry and Lois after his speech and said:
I see a great spiritual power behind you!
The Zeltzers told him of their experience with Shri Nathji, and he said:
Yes, the aura of spirituality around you must stem from him! Where is he these days? I wish to meet him.
But Shri Nathji had already left America by that time.
Dr. Harry Zeltzer said to Priya Nath:
I feel that if there is a God, your father is the only one who knows about Him!
Once when Priya Nath spoke of the absolute lack of publicity that characterised Shri Nathji’s life, and of the proliferating number of messiahs and gurus, and gods in the twentieth century who gave full rein to propaganda, Dr. Zeltzer made a very profound observation:
If it be the Will of God that Shri Nathji be known as the prophet of this age, then it shall certainly come about!