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“You are in a dark room. I shine a torch-light upon you that arrests your attention and concentrates your gaze in my direction. Later, I turn the light towards my own face and you see me.
“It is in a fraction of a second that such a light can come to you in the darkness. God can similarly cast His Grace upon you, and then reveal Himself with His own Grace! It takes time for the twinkling of an eyelash but not even that much of time for God-realisation!
“A drop of water cannot draw the ocean into itself, try howsoever it may. But, by falling into the ocean, it can become one with it.
“The endeavours of man are like the gropings in darkness, or the efforts of a drop of water to become the ocean. It is only the Grace of God that can give him God-Realisation!”
“You can see the Sun only with the light of the Sun. You can see God only through His Grace. All that is required is an intense desire, an intense yearning to unite with God. And the Grace of God comes by itself, like the torch-light that falls upon you in the dark.”