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Shri Nathji continued:
“There are two kinds of Yoga that enter here: Sarvikalp and Nirvikalp. The first is consciousness with thought still existent, and the second is consciousness without thought. The first kind of Yoga is at­tained by one who moves in the field of action around him in the world, but whose mind remains at rest. The second kind of Yoga is attained by one who develops a spiritual insight that sees only unity in the diversity around him. He then, has neither ‘I’ nor ‘you’ nor ‘it’ before him.  He is set free of the desire for union as well as the fear of separation. He is then risen above gain and loss. A meditative state or a non-meditative state, both become equal to him.
“His state can best be described by the verse:

Na tan dekhtaa hoon na jaan dekhtaa hoon
Ki ik baihre hasti ravaan dekhtaa hoon

I look neither upon this body nor upon this life,
I look only upon the surging Ocean of Existence