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The years were 1974 and 1975. Shri Nathji had lost his sight from cataract. Though several different avenues were available for an operation, Shri Nathji, for some unexplainable reason, delayed it.
The apparent reason was that Priya Nath could not repose his confidence in any of the eye surgeons he met, especially after the abortive operation of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan in India. Nightmares of Shri Nathji’s arm operation in Lucknow in 1943 also filled Priya Nath’s mind.
Dr. Hruby of Vienna, and professors of the Harvard Medical School had made their services available. The best specialists in India had been consulted.
Those were the days when Shri Nathji led the life of a blind person. He would grope his way about in the self- imposed darkness, and be helped by Priya Nath. It was as if he had taken upon himself the blindness of the world. But his spiritual work continued, undiminished. Seekers after truth would find him whenever the time was ripe.
I cannot see you, Shri Nathji said to a certain Sikh Brigadier who came to him in Delhi, but my blessings are with you!
When can you not see anyone, Maharaj! said the Brigadier, Your inner eye sees everything and everyone!
Those were the days when Priya Nath had been thinking of taking Shri Nathji to Vienna and had even asked a devotee Laj Pat Rai Khanna to get his passport ready to accompany them.

Just then the powers of evil struck with deadly suddenness. There was trouble in Shri Nathji’s unattended house, Savitri Nivas, in Mussoorie. Miscreants inspired by the arch villain of Mussoorie were making attempts to take over the house Mahamateshwariji had left behind.
In Mussoorie, good and evil had existed together, indeed, as elsewhere in the Universe. One of the persons who was associated with the episode of attempted assassination on Shri Nathji’s life, was to remain forever as a thorn in Shri Nathji’s side. His hostile intentions would frequently be a source of great harassment to Shri Nathji. Despite Shri Nathji’s forgiving attitude, the man’s antagonism would not cease. Not only had he an eye on Mahamateshwari’s property, but he would always be seeking means to take advantage of Shri Nathji’s trusting nature.
People from all over the country come to Mussoorie to seek my blessings, Shri Nathji had said to him once, don’t you have any need for these?
The man at once folded his hands, in humble submission. But no sooner was Shri Nathji’s back turned than he was up to his tricks again. A natural consequence of his action was retribution at the hands of Nature. The people of the city who had suffered similar harassment at his hands soon began to be wary of him, and his business collapsed, bringing him to the doors of financial ruin.
Shri Nathji felt only a great pity for him. He loved his enemies. The man’s hostility only continued to mount, until the matter of Shri Nathji’s safety and security in Mussoorie was brought to the notice of the Chief Minister of U.P. who directed the City Magistrate to take adequate steps.
The harassment was not to end there. Now that Mahamateshwari was no longer alive, Shri Nathji’s adversary tried various devices to secure Savitri Nivas into his hands. He instigated people to allot the house in their favour.
Shri Nathji fought against his machinations, even though his eyesight was failing him and he was not otherwise in good health.
On a cold winter night in January 1975, Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, accompanied by three devotees–K.H.Chati, Laj Pat Rai Khanna and Pasricha, rushed to Mussoorie from Delhi in a taxi, in the darkness. It was a race against time. The nights were bitterly cold. Shri Nathji had to fight against evil. It was his bounden duty to protect Mahamateshwari’s Property in Mussoorie. Shri Nathji had to be led by the hand by Priya Nath wherever he went. He stayed at Doon Guest house in the bitter cold season.