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Shri Nathji and Priya Nath spent the months from June 1975 till November 1975 as if in confinement in that one room on the ground floor of Savitri Nivas. It was the room that contained the statue of Shri Nathji. There were a few days when they sought to sleep in Mateshwari’s bedroom upstairs, but the inconvenience of climbing the stairs was too great for Shri Nathji, and so they shifted back to the drawing room.
Every day they would walk for about half an hour in the verandah, Priya Nath holding Shri Nathji by his arm and walking alongside him. It was as if Shri Nathji had become a prisoner in his own home.
One day Priya Nath became very perplexed at the strange situation of Shri Nathji’s self-imposed illness and his blindness, and kept on asking Shr Nathji, why and for whose benefit the dreadful leela was being enacted. If it were to give him the chance to serve Shri Nathji, then he would not want to take such a blessing at the cost of Shri Nathji’s suffering. He found himself speaking loudly in distress, protesting against the illness Shri Nathji had allowed to come upon his own body.