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There was Rai Bahadur Ugra Sen of Dehra Dun who came to Shri Nathji’s aid and served him diligently during those days. His relationship with Shri Nathji had been an old one.
There was the time in 1934 when he had driven down to Shri Nathji’s residence in Amritsar, carrying a sack of rice. The sack had fallen off along the way, and he had arrived at Shri Nathji’s darbaar only to say:
Lord Krishna had accepted the little bundle of rice from his poor friend, Sudaama, but the sack of rice I had, was taken away by you, even before I brought it to you!
The Rai Bahadur had been hard of hearing. He had met Shri Nathji in the l930’s and had said to him:
Maharaj, mujhse do dafaa bolaa karen; main oonchaa suntaa hoon! Maharaj please speak to me twice; I am hard of hearing!”
And Shri Nathji would say in a light vein:
“At least you have benefited that much from your loss of hearing– that you get to hear me twice!”
Rai Bahadur Ugra Sen would also say to Shri Nathji: “Maharaj, either cure me, or else you will have to exert yourself in speaking to me!
However his hearing did not improve and he gradually became deaf. He had to give up practising law, which he had studied in London to become a barrister.
He met Shri Nathji in later years and said to him: Perhaps this is in answer to my prayers. Had my hearing been perfect I would have become a barrister. But because of my deafness I could not practise law. Instead, I became a contractor and built most of Dehra Dun. This was the task God had desired to take of me!
Rai Bahadur Ugra Sen became one of the most honoured personalities of Dehra Dun, recognised as one the City Fathers, and was even made the Chairman of the City Board and the Mayor of Dehra Dun due to his contributions in the development of the city.
When Shri Nathji met him in January 1975, he was stooped with the burden of years, and he said to Shri Nathji: Maharaj, life becomes a burden in old age! Let me leave the world now! Ab aage bhej deejiye!”
Shri Nathji replied: There is need for you yet in this world! You are precious to me! I have need of you! Abhi to mujhe aap ki zaroorat hai!”
Such was Shri Nathji’s love for humanity that whenever any person came to him and said: “Let me leave the world”, Shri Nathji would always say: “How can I? I have need for you! Kaise bhej doon? Abhi to mujhe aap ki zaroorat hai!”
From Dehra Dun, Shri Nathji went to Mussoorie in the severe cold of February 1975 and remained there to protect the property from the miscreants who sought to possess it. Shri Laj Pat Rai Khanna was with him at the time along with Shri Chati and Veeran Devi, and a young man, Shashi Kale of Nagpur.