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That very morning when Priya Nath came into the drawing room, he discovered that Shri Nathji was not there.
Priya Nath was shocked beyond belief. Where had Shri Nathji gone? He could not have walked out of the verandah, which was still locked from the inside.
He looked inside the bathroom and the kitchen and the verandah, and finally went upstairs, but Shri Nathji was nowhere to be found!
Shri Nathji appeared to have vanished from the face of the earth. It was a terrible, dreadful moment for Priya Nath. It appeared as if he had lost everything in life, nay, lost life itself.
He rushed down the stairs to look once again in the drawing room – and found Shri Nathji sitting silently in his maroon coloured armchair!  It was as if Shri Nathji had gone to another world and then re-appeared again.
When Priya Nath asked Shri Nathji where he had gone, Shri Nathji said: “Nowhere. I had been sitting here all this time. Kaheen naheen. Main to yaheen baithhaa thhaa!”
Priya Nath never forgot that terrible moment of time when he had been separated from Shri Nathji for a few moments only. It was then that he realised how much he loved Shri Nathji, and that Shri Nathji was his very life, from whom separation–if even for a moment– was unbearable.