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Those were the days when Shri Nathji had remembered his favourite tonic, Sanatogen, made by German Remedies. It was a high protein powder which he had taken since the days of his youth and which he used to call a “brain tonic” which, he said, even judges used.
“Isse to judges bhee brain tonic samajhkar lete hain!”
Surprisingly, Sanatogen was found in the small city of Mussoorie at Pershadi Lal Chemist’s shop in Landaur. Shri Nathji remained ever thankful to the chemist for getting a large number of bottles of Sanatogen for him. 
Shri Nathji would occasionally dissolve the Sanatogen powder in milk as only he could, making sure that he added the water slowly and stirred ever so diligently, so that no insoluble lumps would form, while Priya Nath watched in fascination. It was the one tonic that Shri Nathji really and truly enjoyed, in contrast to Complan.