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Once Priya Nath had said to the devotees:
“This is just a test of your faith. Today you are running away from God for the sake of the world, but when you die you shall wish to be united with Him to secure heaven and salvation.
“God can also say to you at that time: ‘Why have you come to me now, when you ran away from me on earth? ‘
“‘Moksha or everlasting life means uniting with God forever. You, who did not want to live with me for even a few days upon earth, what right do you have now to want to come and unite with me, forever!’”

Shri Nathji had said once in a moment of disillusionment with humanity:

“Main to aapko bhavsaagar se nikaalne aayaa hoon, magar aapko agar bhavsaagar hee pasand hai to main kyaa kar saktaa hoon!

“I have come to take you out of the Ocean of Life and Death – the Bhavsaagar. But if you desire the Bhavsaagar than what can I do?”

Shri Nathji would also say:
“During the days of Lord Rama, none of his devotees betrayed him. They even went so far as to put their lives in danger while fighting Ravana. However, this is Kaliyuga, the age of darkness, and the devotees of this age have their frailties of devotion.”