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As the days wore on at Nagpur, Shri Nathji’s work continued unabated. It was impossible for any human being to speak for so long at such great length in a continuous unending flow of words. And words were not all, there was a divine feeling that accompanied the words. People were lost in another world from the sound of the voice alone. Most were so totally absorbed in Shri Nathji’s beautiful personality that the words became mere ornamentations.
It was impossible for any human being to contain so much of divine knowledge, which flowed out so easily and so spontaneously, answering the call of the human soul.
Shri Nathji never read books. His knowledge was his own, it came from the depths of his inner being. His words were so overpowering, and his renderings of them so lucid and so simple, and there was so much authority in them, that it touched the hearts of the young and the old, men, women and children, the intellectuals as well as the ordinary folk.
What was most marked was the feeling of intense Love Divine that his words carried, which at once bathed and purified the human soul.
It was just as natural for Shri Nathji to speak over the microphone to large audiences in public halls, as it was to speak to groups of visitors at home. It made no difference to Shri Nathji whether there was one man before him or the entire world. He would pour out the depths of his soul for one solitary visitor as he would to large crowds.
There were moments when he continued to pour out his spiritual gems to the home group, which included Sahadeva and Mrs. Bhutt. Some of his finest and greatest spiritual revelations flowed out in front of just one or two people. Shri Nathji had done this ever since the days of his youth.
There were times when he was seen speaking to the labourers and carpenters that came to his house at Mussoorie for repairs. He would just as soon be seen speaking to the servants and coolies and chowkidars at Mussoorie as he would to Pran Priya’s friends from school. He had given a long sermon to the technician who came to repair Priya Nath’s tape recorder at Nagpur.
It was a very unique phenomenon in history, and showed that divine grace was ever ready to pour out to as many as came before it.