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It was during this period that a most momentous piece of work was done. Shri Nathji’s biography was printed and made complete in a beautiful crimson cover that had Shri Nathji’s portrait looking out at the world through a golden oval window. The book was named The Advent of the Avatar. It was 800 pages long. The book was printed by Shri Lawate of Majestic Press, Nagpur, and the cover and photographs were printed at the Statesman Press, New Delhi.
It contained 32 beautiful portraits of Shri Nathji chosen over various periods of his life from the 1930’s to 1978. The beautiful portraits had all been lying in a trunk at Mussoorie from where they were brought by a devotee. Mahamateshwari had preserved them almost forty years ago, knowing perhaps of the printing of this biography of Shri Nathji.
One had merely to look at these divinely beautiful portraits to come to the conclusion that the face could only belong to God. It was not a human face. And the book was not about a human being, it was about God in human form. 
A small ceremony was held at Shri Nathji’s residence at the completion of this historical book. While politicians and spiritual leaders inaugurated their biographies with great pomp and show, here was the Greatest Being upon earth in the midst of a few of his loyal devotees, taking joy in the completion of this book that would live forever in the world. As Shri Nathji put a garland of flowers around the neck of Shri Lawate, who was the printer of the book, the man became lost in a bliss that was altogether divine.