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The winter month of December 1978 still found Shri Nathji absorbed in his daily work of giving peace to people. Numerous were the miracles that attended upon him. Hopeless failures succeeded, barren parents conceived, the incurably sick were healed, and peace was given to the inconsolable. Shri Nathji attached no significance to these miracles. He had always said that his blessings existed around him all the time and went out to whoever came before him.
When people ask me to give them my blessings I say to them:  ‘You have asked me for something that I cannot withhold from you! When you go before a flower you do not have to ask for its fragrance. It goes out spontaneously to you. In a like manner when you come to me, you do not have to ask for my blessings. They go out spontaneously towards you.”
As a matter of fact this is a place where blessings go out to you even before you come here! Had the blessings not gone out to you, you would never have been able to come here!
“If I had applied perfume to your clothes you would have carried the scent with yourself to all in your home. In a like manner the blessings which I give you here are carried across by you to all your near and dear ones when you go home.
“When I grasp one end of a chain, I have, in an indirect way, established a relationship with the whole chain, even the last link. In a like manner, when I have established a relationship with you, I have indirectly established a relationship with all who belong to you.”