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Amongst the first few devotees to come for Shri Nathji’s darshan was Dr. Kapoor Singh, the President of the Theosophical Society of Delhi.
Shri Nathji embraced Dr. Kapoor Singh and said to him with great love:
“Sardar Kapoor Singhji! Remember this–that I love you more than you love yourself! That embrace in which I held you 20 years ago was not a passing one. It shall remain for all time to come!”
Dr. Kapoor Singh said to him:
“Maharaj! Mujhe misyaan ho rahaa hai! I am losing my memory due to age! I am forgetting everything!”
And Shri Nathji said: “Magar usko naheen bhoole! But you have not forgotten him!”
Dr. Kapoor Singh had tears in his eyes as he said: “Haan, Usko naheen bhoola! Yes, I have not forgotten Him!”
Dr. Kapoor Singh had composed this verse on Shri Nathji and he recited it once again before him:

“Mere Maihboob ki soorat Khudaa se milti julti hai
Ibaadat ki ibaadat hai aur muhabbat ki muhabbat hai

The face of my Beloved resembles God
Here there is worship as well as Love”

How could Dr. Kapoor Singh have forgotten God while sitting before him and looking upon his face, which was the face of Shri Nathji!
And Shri Nathji added in Persian:

“Ba naame aan ki oo naame nadaarad
Ba har naame ki khwaani sar bar aarad

With what name canst thou call Him who has no name
For He answers to every name with which He is called.”

Shri Nathji said:
“There are three types of surrender in the world–forced surrender, willing surrender and unconditional surrender. It is the third type of surrender that behoves a devotee–unconditional, to be led by the Master wherever He wills!”
Shri Nathji also spoke of the precious hours of life passing by, saying in Sanskrit:

“Ek ek shvaasaan jaat hai tayi triloki mool,

“Every breath that goes is of the worth of the three worlds!”

Suddenly Shri Nathji said with great loudness:


And he quickly added: “ In fact we are all guests! This life is a journey, little matter if it be in the first class or the third class, but let us prepare for our home before the train reaches its destination!”