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On February 22, 1980 Shri Nathji was celebrating the birthday of Pran Nath with great happiness. He showed a copy of the “Advent of the Avatar” which he called a “Mahagranth” to the people assembled in the drawing room at Sarvodya Enclave and said:
“I have brought with myself a creation of Priya Nathji–‘The Advent of the Avatar’. I have just one copy with me today. And I wish to present it to Shri Pran Nathji on his birthday!”
“This Mahagranth shall remain in history forever. It shall remain as my Eternal Form. “Shri Priya Nathji laboured hard to produce the book. He looks after me day and night. His sacrifice is unmatched in history. He keeps a lighted match in his hand which re-kindles my light every time that the light becomes weak.
“I can keep this body of mine for you for even a thousand years if necessary. However I must allow the laws of Nature to work like they work over the rest of the world.
“When I am no longer before you in the physical form then I shall appear before you in your hearts. To bring happiness to you is my only aim–and my only happiness!
“Though Lord Rama had many devotees but his sons Luv and Kush were special. Only a lion’s offspring will be lions. When devotees revere even the particles of dust upon which I tread, then how much greater will be their reverence be for Pran Nathji and Priya Nathji –who are my direct blood!