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Having listened to Bal Bhagat’s ailaan at Nagpur and Akola, here was Shri Nathji sitting in the midst of the devotees of Delhi listening to the touching, soulful bhajans of Kasturilal:

Uss Rabb ko ham ne dekhaa naheen
Jisse dhoond rahaa jag saaraa hai
Jiss Rabb ko ab ham dekh rahe
Ye Rabb hamen sab se pyaaraa hai
Vo Rabb naheen ham se boltaa hai
Ye boltaa amrit gholtaa hai
Uss Rabb ne hamko paidaa kiyaa
Aur Bhavsaagar men daal diyaa
Iss Rabb ne jahaaz apne men bithhaa,
Hame Bhav se paar utaaraa hai

We have not seen that God, which the world seeks,
But this God, whom we can see, is the dearest one of all
That God does not speak with us,
But this God speaks and pours the nectar of His Voice
That God gave us birth and cast us into the Ocean of Fear,
This God has taken us in his ship and carried us across!

It was a beautiful vision of the same God in two forms. The first was His Eternal Invisible form with the silence of the ages confronting man. In truth God had not spoken to man from the skies. God had given birth to man and placed him in the ocean of life and death.
And the second was Shri Nathji, God in visible form, who was doing everything the Invisible God had not done. He was speaking to the people, and giving them of his nectar of Love. And he was taking them across the ocean of life and death–the ocean of fear, the Bhavsaagar.
Shri Kasturilal also sang with great feeling:

Kyaaa main kahoon Nath kyaa mere tum ho
Khudaa ki kasam hai Khudaa mere tum ho
Nibhaayaa kissee ne bhee naa saath meraa
Hain sab bevafaa baavafaa mere tum ho
Khudaaa ki kasam hai Khudaa mere tum ho

O Nath how can I tell you what you mean to me!
I swear by God that you are my God!
There was not a one who remained by my side,
All are faithless, Thou alone are faithful!

Kasturilal would weep for a long time whenever he sang these bhajans before Shri Nathji. These songs were a reality for him and not mere incantations:

Mere liye sab se barrh kar yehi teerat dhaam hai
Jahaan mere prabhu Shri Nath kaa mukaam hai

The greatest place of pilgrimage for me,
Is that abode where my Lord Shri Nath resides!

He would also sing:

Shri Nathji ko jitne bhee kiye hain pranaam
Utne ho gaye mere teerath dhaam

The number of times that I prostrated before Shri Nathji,
Became the pilgrimages I had undertaken