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There was Shakuntala Mehra singing with redoubled vigour before Shri Nathji in chaste Punjabi:

Kuchh mang lai, hun mang lai
Nathji paas kharre kuchh mang lai
Aj mang lai, hun mang lai,
Aappe de denge jholiyaan bhar den ge

Ask for something, ask Him now,
Nathji is standing close, ask for something,
Ask of him today, ask of him now,
He will surely give, and fill thee to the brim.

Shakuntala also sang a bhajan Kasturilal had composed:

Ai Shaihenshaahon ke Shaihenshaah,
Teraa shukriyaa, teraa shukriyaa,
Muhje pyaar teraa mil gayaa,
Deedar teraa mil gayaa,
Tujhe paa ke sab kuchh paa liyaa
Teraa shukriyaa teraa shukriyaa

O Thou Emperor of all Emperors,
Thanks to Thee!
I have obtained Thy love,
I have set eyes upon Thee,
Having obtained Thee I have obtained everything,
Thanks to Thee! O Thanks to Thee!”

And Shakuntala’s classic bhajan which had been sung by many devotees along with her in the past:

Charrho jin ne paar langanaa
Saade Nathji ne jahaaz banaayaa

Shakuntala had written to Shri Nathji when he was at Nagpur: “I am old now and too weak to travel to Nagpur. My body is failing me day by day, but I pray Thee to grant me the strength to be able to sing the songs of Thy praise for the rest of my life!”
Her wish had been fulfilled. She was singing with the full vibrancy of a seasoned singer in the manner in which she had sung in Shri Nathji’s darbaar years ago.
The life of Shakuntala was like a beacon of faith. She had passed through some of the greatest difficulties in life with the name of Shri Nathji on her lips.