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Just then the powers of evil struck once again. For the first time in his entire life Shri Nathji developed a vomiting sensation while sitting before people. He rushed inside and vomited. There was some blood in the vomit. Priya Nath was in a state of panic.
Dr. Gupta of the colony was called who said the blood was purely external, from the strain of the vomiting. However a second doctor called by Mrs. Chaudhri said that all possible pathological tests should be done.
Shri Nathji chose to believe the first doctor and forgot about the episode. Kasturilal, who was a patient of tuberculosis, and who was singing before him had frequent bouts of blood vomiting due to his illness. Perhaps Shri Nathji had taken his symptoms upon himself.
Priya Nath, who had till that time been fairly satisfied about Shri Nathji’s health, soon began to have constant apprehensions, and stayed awake several nights to keep a vigil. He was very scared every time that Shri Nathji ate his food and even had an eructation. However Shri Nathji bounced back into good health again.
Shri Nathji’s double role in life continued. While appearing as God before his devotees, he became a loving father to his sons. For the short time that Pran Nath was in Delhi Shri Nathji took him to Connaught Place, Kwality Restaurant, Embassy and United Coffee House, and to the bookshops at South Extension. Shri Nathji was very keen that Pran Nath see the Delhi he had left behind eleven years ago.

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