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December 31, 1979, saw Shri Nathji, Pran Nath, and Priya Nath sitting side by side on board an Indian Airlines flight to Nagpur.
Even as the plane took off from the airport, there was Shri Nathji’s voice mingling with the roar of the engines, as Shri Nathji sang on the plane:

Lo aakhirash aayaa vo din ikraar pooraa ho gayaa
Sadiyon ki manzil kat gayi sab kaar pooraa ho gayaa

At last the day has come of fulfilment of the promise,
The waiting of the ages is gone, and all the works are done!

Kahoon kyaa rang iss gul kaa, ahaa-haa-haa, ahaa-haa-haa,
Huaa rangeen chaman saaraa, ahaa-haa-haa, ahaa-haa-haa

O the wondrous colour of this Rose, ahaa-haa-haa, ahaa-haa-haa
The garden is filled with enchantment, ahaa-haa-haa, ahaa-haa-haa”

Shri Nathji hummed these Urdu and Persian verses as he sat in his chair in the plane lost in himself, seeing peace and happiness everywhere in a world full of his magic enchantment. He was in a state of bliss when he left Nagpur and he was in a state of bliss while returning to Nagpur. Shri Nathji was divine bliss personified, and remained happy in every state that came before him.
His voice resonated inside the aircraft as he sang more in Persian:

Jaame za mai baaki az daste khushe Saaki,
Baa kasrate mushtaaki mi joyomo mi raksam

I take the Wine of Eternity from the beautiful hands of the Saki
I drink from it, and I dance with joy in ecstasy!

Ai khush aan roz ke ba sad naaz aayi
Behijaabaana sooye maifile maa baaz aayi

O beautiful shall be the day when Thou shall come in the fullness of Thy Glory,
Without hesitation, once again – into my dwelling place!

The passengers in the aircraft experienced a hitherto unfelt bliss that lit up their hearts and souls unconsciously even as the notes of Shri Nathji’s sonorous voice filled the aeroplane with celestial music. It was God singing, high above the earth.