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Even as the aircraft soared up into the skies, Shri Nathji began singing. The sound of his voice was mingled with the sound of the engine of the aeroplane and reverberated in the heavens:

“Shahzaadon kaa jaloos hai ab takhte zaat par
Har zarraa sadke jaataa hai nagmaa saraa hai aaj

The procession of the princes has set out at the height of their glory,
Every particle doth deliver itself up in a song of joy!”

Shri Nathji also sang:

Sarodo rakso shaadi dam ba dam hai
Taffakur door hai aur gham ko ram hai

The sound of dance and music celestial, comes every moment now,
The silence of sorrow is over, and unhappiness is on the run!

Shri Nathji’s voice was barely audible over the sound of the jet engine of the plane, but the passengers were aware of a feeling of peace and bliss that permeated the plane. The divine glow on Shri Nathji’s face and his incredibly handsome personality made everyone turn and look at him. And yet this glimpse of him was all that they were destined to have. They would never know that on that flight they had God has as a fellow passenger.