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In December 1978 Shri Nathji defined the status of marriage and the special place that women had in the eyes of God.
Real marriage means a union of the hearts, not merely a union of two bodies living together. In the Vedas it is written that the relationship of a husband and wife is like the union of the two halves of a piece of gram – a chanaa, which though being separate are united.
A girl, a daughter, in a family, is like a fruit which appears on a tree and which is meant for others. The gardener nurtures the tree on which the fruit comes, but it is meant for someone else. The daughter is reared in the house of her parents but must leave all her relationships behind and enter into a new household, in an entirely new environment. Her life is a constant sacrifice. She must leave behind all that is dear to her and enter into a new life to live for someone else.
“Sita Maharani was so loyal to her husband, Lord Rama, that she followed him into the forest and suffered the privations of the hard life there.
“God has made a special concession for women – they will secure an easy entry into the Kingdom of Heaven – and attain salvation, moksha. Their salvation has been made easier because of their special sacrifice in life.
“Marriage is a natural law of Nature. Look, even the birds move around in pairs. Watch these birds as they enter the house and eat the grains laid out for them. See how closely attached they are to each other in pairs. Those who shun the concept of marriage are going against the laws of Nature which have been laid down by God.
“Coming to the concept of idol worship. Perhaps it is good that man has learned to worship idols, symbols and icons so that he may learn how to worship God.
“A man learns to sit in the company of his friends, relatives and acquaintances, as also his superiors, and this training must stand him in good stead when he comes to sit before God, where proper reverence and respect are essential.
“Yesterday a large number of intellectuals of the city came to see me, amongst which were learned judges and magistrates. Everyone desires peace, just like everyone desires air.
“It is only because the air is so readily available, and is free, that its value is forgotten. Let one not lessen the worth of God because He is so freely available.
“If the sun could rise in the past why can it not rise in the present?
“If God could come down to earth in the past why can He not come down to earth in the present?
“God is not free of worry for you even though you may be free of worry about yourself, because you are living in a dream world and do not know of the harsh reality of life.
“I had said this before and I repeat it here:



“There is no place for pride here. Prostration means self-surrender.
“I am freeing you of all the worries of this world and the next!
“You have discovered a fountain of eternal life. If you go to sleep while someone dies, you have done him a great injustice, and this will pain you. It becomes your duty to tell as many people as possible of this fountain so that they, too, may have eternal life.
If no one comes to me, even then I shall be content. I shall put on beautiful clothes and look at myself in a mirror and take the joy of my own beauty.
“This world is a deception, let all remember this.
“Whenever you laugh too much, tears come into your eyes. These tears come to warn you that this world is not a place where you can afford to waste your time in laughing. You are in the midst of the Bhavsaagar, the ocean of life and death. Do not forget the terrible moments to come.
“If you have found a boat then get into it and let the Pilot do the sailing across the dark waters.
“I am your Pilot. I wait for you to get inside my boat so that I can take you across.
“When you have got into my boat then you have not to worry about yourself, let me take the ship across the waters.
“The world weeps today from the multitude of sorrows that surround it. And I weep when I see the pain and sorrow of the world.
“Every breath that I take is for the sake of the world. Every breath of mine goes out to all corners of the world. My voice vibrates in all corners of the world.
“If there was only Rama and no Ravana there would have been no Ramayana today. In order that a drama be enacted it is necessary that both forcesact side by side–the forces of goodness as well as those of evil.

“Gar che zamaane na bavad guzashto daure rasul
Vali zahoore valaayat dareen zamaanaye maast

The age of the prophets and messiahs is gone,
It is time now for my revelation.

“This paper, on which the Mahagranth – the Holy Book, ‘The Advent of the Avatar’, is going to be printed, is as white as the Khseer Saagar – the legendary ocean of milk. This is not a book, it is my Temple.
“The greatest offering that you can give to God are your tears. The devotee who comes before God with only his tears as offerings shall secure from Him His Mercy and Grace.
“I am a seed. I have annihilated myself. The result is this garden of devotees that I see. The annihilation is an illusion. It is in this annihilation that there exists this evolution.
“Today, God has appeared in the form of His Mercy. Take advantage of His mercy and forgiveness and place your tears before Him while He is in this generous mood to forgive one and all.
Agar yahaan satya naheen to phir satya hee naheen. If there is no truth with me then there is no such thing as truth in the world.
“If I must see my own face, where can I see it? In you!
“The victory of Lord Rama lay not in his destroying Ravana, it lay in the firmness of faith of Hanuman and Angad who went as emissaries to Ravana but did not become his.
“On the one hand they had seen the apparent helplessness and poverty of Rama, while on the other hand they were looking upon the golden Lanka of Ravana. Yet they were not won over by material prosperity, but remained loyal to Lord Rama. It is thus that man must not forsake God for the things of the world.
“There is a long road before you. The destination is far and you cannot see it. But if you persevere in walking along the road, you shall surely reach the destination.
“A bird can fly in the air but it cannot build a nest in the air, it must find a solid tree. In a like manner you can try to reach out to the Invisible, but your body needs a human form it can identify with.
“The closest to you is your own face, and the further away from you is your own face. Has anyone ever seen his face with his own eyes? Whenever you have seen your face it has always been in a mirror. You can perceive your own devotion in me.
“This Bliss, this Parmanand, that you are experiencing before me just now–this is another name for God. In this Divine Bliss you have forgotten your own selves.
“Even if you think of me as only a human being, then you need only think of the tremendous sacrifice I have made for your sake–a sacrifice that continues day in and day out, where I exist only for your sake. I eat drink and sleep, only so that I may serve you all the time without asking anything in return.
“I know of that time which is to come upon all and I am afraid for your sake. It is a time when intellect and reasoning fail because the mind in which they exist ceases to exist.

“He, who has not seen God in this world, can never recognise Him in the next world.

“Jisse yahaan naheen dekhaa usse aage kaise paihchaanenge?”

“Materialism is like the food that you eat, and spiritualism is like the water which you are forced to seek because of the thirst that springs up within you after eating, and which cannot be quenched by food.
“The material things of the world can give your senses some satisfaction, but then a spiritual thirst arises which cannot be fulfilled by the things of the world, and which can be fulfilled only by God.
“Do not waste your moments in sleeping more than is necessary. Who knows what golden moments of realisation may be snatched away from you by the hands of time in sleep?
“A man can tell a lie almost anywhere and before anyone, but there is one place where he cannot tell a lie and that is before his own self, his own soul.
“There is betrayal everywhere around you. Even your own youth and health betray you in the end. Man must turn to God where there is no betrayal.
“Anyone who serves me thinking that I am in want is making a mistake.

“Mai agar zaroorat rakhtaa hoon to aap ki zaroorat ko door karne ke liye.

“I create a need to remove the needs of those who serve me.

“Bhakton kee sevaa lene ke liye Bhagwan ko svaiyam asmarthh ban naa parrtaa hai!

“In order to allow the devotees to serve Him, God must become helpless!

“Lord Krishna had once injured his finger and was searching for a piece of cloth to apply to the wound. Draupadi, the queen, saw him in this state and at once tore her expensive saree and applied the cloth to his wound.
“Later when she was in need, Lord Krishna gave her a countless number of sarees. And she asked Him: ‘Why did you not use your divine power to create a cloth for the wound on your finger?’ And he replied: ‘Draupadi, if I had done that, what excuse would I have had for giving you the countless sarees when you needed them!’
“Kewat took Lord Rama across the river and asked Lord Rama to take him across the waters of the Bhavsaagar–the ocean of life and death.
“Lord Krishna snatched the bag of rice that Sudama had brought, and gave him a gold palace in return.
“When I come and speak before you, remember there is the entire history of my life behind my words.
“Up till now it was only the moths that were ready to die on the flame, but I have come to convert even the fly into a moth.
“When I have gone from amongst you I shall still remain with you in an invisible form.
“It is in the devotees that one can catch a glimpse of God. Lord Rama was seen in Hanuman and Angad.
“The soul is eternal and immortal and therefore has no physical relationships, it can have no mother and no father from which it was born. The body is perishable, and turns to dust.  There can be no relationship of dust with dust. The soul is full of consciousness while the body is dead matter. How can the soul, which is full of consciousness, have any relationship with that, which is dead matter!
“Make a resolve today to have only a relationship with that Great Reality, God.
“It has always been my endeavour to see that all families walk unitedly on this path:
Taaro sab parivaar! Let the entire family go across!
“Remember my words. Numerous ages may pass and yet this divine relationship may not be granted, so the devotee must be ever grateful as also vigilant.
“The ancient texts had decreed that the advent of God upon earth would not come about till twenty lakhs of years hence, but when God saw his people in suffering he curtailed that period and decided to come upon earth just now.
“I have not come for any one man, race or religion, I have come for all.
And it was thus that Shri Nathji brought 1978 to a very glorious end as one of the most momentous years of his existence upon earth, in which he revealed Himself to the fullest extent. He was still living at Nagpur, and Priya Nath was still writing the Mahagranth, the Advent of the Avatar. Neither Shri Nathji nor Priya Nath had given a thought to returning to Delhi or to Mussoorie from where they had come.