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But the 23d of June was not an end in itself. The 24th of June came with unexpected exhilaration at the residence of Shri Nathji.
Here he was showering forth even greater Divine Grace than at the hall. Shri Nathji was sitting in the midst of a small group of devotees. There were Bal Ojarkar and Bal Bhagat of Akola, Atmaram Godbole and his wife Vasundhara Godbole of Aurangabad, Shri S.N. Sardeshmukh and his family from Bhusawal, along with the Narsikar family, the Tanksale family, the Urhekar family, as also the Raout family, and others of Nagpur.
Shri Nathji used to tell Priya Nath how, when he was at Chamba State near Dalhousie during the days of his youth in the 1920’s, many rich and powerful people would come for his darshan amongst which were Rai Bahadurs  and princes of the area. However Shri Nathji’s divine flow of words would only be at their peak whenever a poor schoolmaster also joined the gathering. As more and more people became aware of this, they would ask the schoolmaster to sit directly in front of Shri Nathji so that His Divine Grace would shower forth with full brilliance, and deluge all present.
In Shri Nathji’s words
Tahi daston kaa rutbaa aihle daulat se zyaadaa hai
Suraahi sar ke bal jhukti hai jab paimaanaa aataa hai

The worth of empty hands is greater than the greatest of wealth,
The goblet must bow its head whenever a cup comes before it