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Istafa Khan was a great scholar of Urdu and Persian and his poetry was held in awe even by the scholars of the time. The portraits of Shri Nathji had so captured his heart that he felt compelled to express his feelings about its divine beauty. It was not a human face, but rather the face of some Divine Being come down upon earth bringing with him the glory of God.
Beneath the portrait, Istafa Khan had framed the following verse:

Kyaa khoob shakl iss bute kaafir adaa ki hai
Hindu bhi kaih rahe hain ke ye kudrat Khuda ki hai

What fascination resides in the face of this stranger’s image before me!
Even the Hindus do speak of the Glory of God within it!

Istafa Khan had placed the portrait in the drawing room of his house above a door that was not too great in height. As people entered through the door they had to bow their heads a little. Istafa would always say that this was their homage to Shri Nathji–the unwitting bowing of their heads beneath the portrait of Shri Nathji.