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Shri Nathji was the embodiment of love and unity.  Nawab Istafa Khan was so moved by Shri Nathji that he composed this verse on him:

Main jis par jaan detaa hoon ussee par ye bhee marte hain
Issee se Istafa mujhko rakeebon se muhabbat hai

I wouldst die for him, for whom others would give up their lives
It is for this, O Istafa, that I love my rivals!

When certain orthodox Muslims questioned Istafa Khan about his devotion to Shri Nathji he would say:

Roshani hogi jahaan jaayegaa parvaanaa vahaan
Usko shamaye dairo kandeele haram se kyaa garaz

Wherever there is light, there shall the moth fly,
What cares he whether it be a flame in a temple or a lamp in a mosque!