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Shri Nathji once thought of Istafa Khan at two in the morning. It was dark outside, and it was cold and raining.
Istafa, Nathji said to himself, come here!
Istafa Khan lived in a flat above the Majestic Theatre on the Mall, whilst Shri Nathji was near Roxy Building at the end of Kulri Bazar.  The two places were virtually at opposite ends of Mussoorie.
About an hour later, there was a knock at Shri Nathji’s door–and Istafa Khan stood outside!
Istafa Khan! Shri Nathji said, pretending surprise, what brings you here at this hour!
Hazrat, said Istafa Khan, it appeared as if you had called me.
Istafa, said Shri Nathji, you heard the voice of my heart, our relationship has been truly established.
“Main yehi dekhna chaahataa thhaa ke andar kaa rishtaa kaayam huaa hai ke naheen.
“I had merely wanted to see whether this internal relationship had been established or not!
When people would ask Istafa Khan what he saw in Shri Nathji, this is what he would say in Persian:

Mushq aanast ke khud baboyad
Na ke attaar goyad !

Fragrance produces an awareness of itself,
It requires not the perfume seller to describe it!