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Books flowed out of Shri Nathji–though he had never been observed reading any books himself. The flow of his words on paper was like the flow of words that accompanied his voice. It was beautifully inspiring. Persian and Urdu verse– most of it composed by Shri Nathji himself in brief moments of spiritual inspiration formed an essential part of his writings. Some of the highest of spiritual truths were expressed by Shri Nathji in words which were unparalleled in their beauty. His books were a guiding light to mankind. Never before had such writings come before the world. Never before had God written with his own hand.
In the past, holy books had been written by saints or sages or rishis–they were narrations of events. The Ramayana was not written by Rama nor the Mahabharata by Krishna, nor the New Testament by Christ, but what came from Shri Nathji were edicts from God being written down directly by the hand of God.
No avatar of the past had left behind such a legacy. For that reason Shri Nathji’s written works had infinite value. These would remain forever on the earth, awakening and enlightening mankind. Your books alone can give mankind salvation, wrote Justice Shukla of the Allahabad High Court later in 1978, who considered Shri Nathji’s writings to be the finest ever produced on spiritual themes.
These books were living fountains of knowledge, Bliss and Enlightenment. They consoled many a troubled soul in times of need. Here was religious philosophy at its peak, and revelation in every word, every sentence. If one read His writings with complete and absolute faith, knowing that these were the writings of God, set down on paper directly by God–one would gain enlightenment without a word being spoken. Many a soul was brought to Shri Nathji through his books alone.
Shri Nathji’s written works brought instant peace to the reader’s hearts.  They felt all at once the tenderness of a Love Divine reach out to them in silent words in print. Many kept these volumes with themselves by the side of their pillows, till the last days of their lives.