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Shri Nathji would also define the troubles of the world with another example:
“The pain and suffering one experiences in life are meant to increase the strength of the soul. They are a blessing in disguise. They are like the bitter quinine that the doctor administers to break your fever, or the friendly knife of the surgeon that cuts out your disease.”
The word “disease” means “dis+ease”. But if the real meaning behind the suffering is understood, then there is no distress but only contentment.
Shri Nathji also said:
“If you think that the troubles in life are coming to you as the result of your own karmas-actions-then, too, you should be satisfied in the belief that the fruits of the karmas are being burnt away by the fire of suffering and that you are being rendered more and more pure, and thus more eligible for heaven and salvation.”
The pain and suffering in life is also like the nightmare that awakens a man to reality.