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There was Dr. Paranjpe, who was Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University at the time R.R.Khanna was Registrar there. R.R.Khanna had sought several times to convert the man but had not succeeded.
Dr. Paranjpe was visiting Mussoorie on one occasion when he fell ill there. R.R.Khanna and Shri Nathji went to his residence to pay a courtesy call.
Bless him, said R.R.Khanna to Shri Nathji. But apparently Dr. Paranjpe did not relish the idea of being blessed by someone he did not believe in, and made some sarcastic comments to the effect.
R.R.Khanna often described his friend as an agnostic and prayed to Shri Nathji to show him the light.
After Paranjpe had returned to Lucknow, a severe earthquake rocked the city. R.R.Khanna came to Shri Nathji and said: Huzoor! Do you know what happened to Paranjpe?  When the earthquake vibrations rocked the building, he ran out, crying: ‘Good God!’
Shri Nathji said: The Good God was within him, but it took a rocking to bring Him out!
“Good God to usske andar thhaa. Bhoochaal ne usse baahar nikaal diyaa!”
It might be easy to bring a dead man back to life, Shri Nathji said, but it is very difficult to bring a dead heart back to life! He would quote the following verse:
Afsurdaa dil ke vaaste kyaa chaandni kaa lutf
Liptaa parraa hai murdaa saa goyaa kafan ke saath
To a heart that is dead–of what use the glitter of moonlight?
It is like a body wrapped in a shroud.
Lord Krishna revealed himself to Arjuna, but not to Duryodhana, who remained a disbeliever right up to the end.