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Dr S. Radhakrishnan, who was a leading philosopher and theologian of the country, was the Vice Chancellor of Andhra University when he met Shri Nathji in the 1930’s. He had come to deliver the convocation address at Lucknow University. There he heard about R. R. Khanna’s conversion. He met Shri Nathji and was greatly impressed by him, and said: Ours is but intellectual knowledge, but Shri Nathji’s spiritual power is such that he can change a person’s life in a single glance.  Shri Nathji ek nazar se doosre kaa jeevan badal sakte hain.
Dr. Radhakrishnan asked Shri Nathji how the restlessness of the human mind could be stilled, and Shri Nathji gave him the following example:
An ant races here and there in a state of apparent restlessness. It appears that nothing can calm it. But place a piece of sugar before it, and all at once it is calmed. The restlessness disappears and a deep absorption, a concentration in the sugar takes its place. It happens the moment the object of its search comes before the ant. It had been restless, not without meaning. It was restless because it had been searching, but it did not know for what – until the sugar was placed before it. In a like manner, the mind of man is ever restless. It runs after the things of the world, searching for something that will give it everlasting peace, and not finding it anywhere in the world. But the moment God comes before the soul, the restlessness disappears and it knows what it had really been searching for!
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan continued to meet Shri Nathji over the years and had a deep respect for him. The association continued even after Dr. S. Radhakrishnan had become President of India in 1963, and till the day he left his physical frame.
Shri Nathji would always speak of Dr. Radhakrishnan for years afterwards in his sermons and place him in the category of saints and sages.